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NEED some SPACE! Store it Pueblo!

So today my friend, in Pueblo, was just telling me she was thinking about clearing out those areas that she had accumulated winter clutter only she did not have anywhere to store the items she wants to keep. So I thought "hey" she might not be the only one having this issue.

CSU-Pueblo students, for example, they might be headed home for the summer and need a room sized place to store there furniture until the fall or longer.

If your like me it's worth storing my "stuff" I don't need on a regular basis, in a safe-secure self-storage unit, just to free up space in our home. Pueblo, CO has a BRAND NEW Facility, Located in the Belmont/University Park area, safe, secure and close the Colorado State University-Pueblo. They have Small Units up to Garage size units & secure storage parking (RV Parking/Boat Parking). Stop by and see what size of unit you could use to clear up some well-deserved space in your living areas.

Steph's for Storage in Pueblo, CO

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